Mukerji’s “Butterfly Cube” (WOD 2017 #7)

I’ll be seeing Meenakshi at the upcoming OrigaMIT Convention soon, so I guess she was on my mind, and I realized I hadn’t folded anything of hers in a while, and this caught my eye.

It’s a very satisfying – and not very difficult – modular piece, just six units, but nice flaps to make a cool decorative finish. I found some silver-holographic foil to use for it. The lock is quite strong, and even without glue it would make a nice holiday ornament!

It’s from her 2010 book, Origami Inspirations. It’s a fun book with a mix of modular origami styles and effects – you can find a full gallery of all the pieces in the book at her website, (I can’t link directly to the book’s gallery, but you can find it easily from the homepage.)

This is my seventh fold for World Origami Days 2017. What are you folding?

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