Park’s “Shark” (WOD 2017 #9)

Though I don’t often do dollar bill folds, I thought it would be fun to branch out and include one here. I’ve had the book this is from (Dollar Origami by Won Park – who I know for certain does NOT live in a converted garbage truck! Kill that meme!) for a while, and have only folded a few things, so I went paging through.

As you might notice from the entries in this blog, I’m fond of origami creatures, and so it’s no surprise that this shark popped out at me. It’s got some cool moves, and I like the way the dorsal and pectoral fins are formed. It’s hard to see from this photo, but it also has a lower jaw… very nice. I folded this from a crisp new bill, purchased from my local bank. Turns out bank folks are very nice and will often help find new bills, especially if you explain what it’s for.

I should add that the version of the book that I have is actually a kit – it’s packaged in a kind of box, with a packet of dollar-proportioned (somewhat larger than actual US bills) paper, and a separate book. The book is spiral-bound, which means it lies flat while you’re working from it, another nice feature. And the box means it sits nicely on your bookshelf, unlike typical spiral-bound volumes, which do weird things with neighboring books… hey, I’m a book geek, I worry about these things.

This is my ninth fold for World Origami Days 2017. What are you folding?

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