…this blog:

For ages, now, I’ve kept track (with varying degrees of exactness, in various blog-system incarnations and on scraps of paper and with folded thingies in boxes and bins and folders…) of the stuff I’ve folded, origami events I’ve gone to, and related items. And I’ve held onto all the stuff for ages, hoping to find the perfect way to store, or memorialize somehow, both the information and the stuff.

Recently, however, I discovered that I simply no longer have room for all the origami tidbits I’ve carefully hoarded all this time – but the thought of just throwing it all away is too disturbing (who, me, packrat?)

So I’m endeavoring to at least photograph and take notes of the source of the things I fold, the paper(s) I used and where they’re from, and then use this blog (and its previous incarnations) gives me a place to keep them in a nicely-linked web format.

I’m slooooooooooooowly recovering older content from the previous blog incarnations, and working on getting new stuff in promptly, so it’s a work in progress. And I keep experimenting with various workflows and content preparation setups, hoping that something will make it easy, but I’m much too fussy for my own good and persist in wanting things both beautiful, useful, complete AND simple. Ha. I’m starting to think that I need a tattoo (or at least a large, prominent sign in my office) to remind me that “the perfect is the enemy of the good”  – really I just need to get on with it, already.

Anyway, I hope the result is useful to others along the way, too.  Feedback, questions, corrections & additions always welcome!

…me, & origami:

Origami is the word we’ve borrowed (from Japanese) to describe the art of folding paper. The word comes from the verb oru, “to fold” and the word kami, “paper.” (the u->i and k->g are just side effects of what Japanese does to make compound words.) There’s endless discussion (well, among practitioners, anyway) of what origami is, exactly, and what the rules are. Art or craft? Square paper or other shapes, single sheet or multiple, even cutting and glue… where are the boundaries? I think they’re safely left to the choice of the person doing the folding, and what gives them joy in the process.

When pushed, I think it’s fair to say that my favorite, though, is the one-square, no-cutting-or-glue restriction, combined with the challenge of finding ways to breathe life into a depiction of some living thing. That said, you’ll find lots of other styles of folded things in here, too. The math-y side of my brain dearly loves interesting 3D shapes, so modular polyhedra-based things are also high on my favorites list.

And as for me: an engineer by training (yes! I am a rocket scientist! but no, I just work with computers these days) I’ve also done art (Western and Japanese calligraphy prominent) as well as a bunch of handcrafts. (The joke in our house is that my hobby is collecting other hobbies.) Most prominent these days is my obsession with welding (fire! sparks! metal is so cool) and occasionally origami-inspired metal objects may show up here, too.

I’ve done origami for nearly as long as I can remember. I have too much paper, and too many books, but I’m trying to remember to USE them rather than simply HAVE them. Hopefully we’ll see the results more here.

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