Yamaguchi’s “Cat” (WOD 2017 #4)

Apparently October 27th is Black Cat Day in the US. (Who knew?) I remembered that there was a fun cat in a back issue of the Origami Tanteidan magazine, and although I’d already done a piece by Mr. Yamaguchi, decided to give it a try.

As you can see, it’s super-cute, and captures playful (or stretching? I can’t decide) cat’s pose perfectly. Purist alert: it’s a two-piece model, one for the head and forelegs, the second for the body, hind legs and tail. The head shape is excellent, the pose amazing… as a cat lover myself, I really liked folding this one, and am pleased with the result. The paper is some mono-colored Japanese washi I purchased on a trip to Japan somewhere along the way. Crisp and strong – and a good, dark black – it worked nicely for this.

This piece is in issue #162 of the Origami Tanteidan Magazine, the bi-monthly publication of the Japan Academic Origami Society. If you’re not a member, you should be!

This is my fourth fold for World Origami Days 2017. What are you folding?


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