Elias’s “Rodin’s Thinker” (WOD 2017 #3)



Looking through my books for things to fold this year, I gravitated towards some of my more recent purchases, and found this in Dave Venables’s “Origami of Neal Elias” published by the BOS. I haven’t folded much by Elias (exceptions would be the famous “Last Waltz”, a bull and one of his angels) so I thought it might be fun to try something from the collection.

I had a nice piece of Canson Mi-Teintes paper already cut into a square, grey (sculpture, stone-colored, seemed fitting) and I launched into wet folding the piece.

Note to self: test fold unfamiliar pieces with a large piece of something thin, first.

This paper, at this weight, was not large enough for this piece. I struggled through it, and got something passable at the end… but next time I’ll use something larger than 8.5 inches!

Cool piece, though, with some entertaining moves.

This is my third fold for World Origami Days 2017. What are you folding?

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