Esteve’s “Flaming Dragon” (WOD 2017 #2)

20171025-flamingdragonI’ve been meaning to fold this piece for ages… WOD is always a great excuse to get around to folding stuff on my list.

This is a very clever piece, using a color change to create a long point of paper to shape into the dragon’s flame. The dragon itself is fairly straightforward and a bit stylized, but with some opportunity for shaping the wings and adding some head details. Very nice!

I’m not certain whether the diagrams have been published anywhere, yet; will update here when and if they’re available.

I folded this from a packet of foil momigami that I discovered, to may amazement, has been sitting in my paper drawer since 2001. (Note to self: stop hoarding paper, already!) I usually put a note inside packets of interesting paper indicating their source and date acquired… and apparently I purchased this one at an Origami Tanteidan convention in 2001. It’s surely from the (wholesale) shop “Kurasawa” to which Mr. Yamaguchi often arranges a visit for the foreign attendees.

I started with a 25 cm square, and got about a 20 cm Dragon. The momigami, a crinkled Japanese paper, is interesting to work with – the crinkles give it a great textured surface, but if you make creases in the normal, run-your-fingernail-along way, it makes the paper stretch along the crease. You have to press the creases carefully (good practice for wet folding, actually) and make sure not to distort things as you go along. This particular paper is a bit thick – the folds near the shoulders get a bit challenging, but the foil backing made for a very pleasing flame.

This is my second fold for World Origami Days 2017. What are you folding?

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