Yamaguchi’s “Makoto Rose” (WOD 2017 #1)

20171024-makoto-roseTo start off this year’s World Origami Days, I decided to fold this piece by Makoto Yamaguchi, in honor of all he does to promote origami and bring people together through events like WOD. 山口先生、ありがと!


from “Beautiful Origami Flowers” by Yamaguchi Makoto (Buy at Amazon)

Though perhaps best known overseas as the founder of Gallery Origami House, he’s a prolific designer of clever, beautiful origami pieces, including this cool rose. There are a lot of origami roses out there – it’s an interesting, challenging subject – and this one is a nice 3D representational piece, without being super-complex. It still takes some careful folding (so as not to get lost with the twists and flaps!) and a bit of final shaping, but it’s a very approachable, high-intermediate piece.

I folded this one from a relatively soft Japanese paper (I don’t have the specific paper type or brand, apologies!) It worked quite well, but you do have to be careful not to tear it when curling the petals, nor leave extra marks during some of the petal-forming stages when the piece goes 3D. It would, I think, work quite well from a stiffer paper (like Tant) as well.

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