Yoshizawa’s “Small Birds”

March 14th was origami master Akira Yoshizawa’s birthday. Since his passing in 2009, I’ve tried each year to fold something of his on his birthday in celebration of everything he brought to the art.

I have my favorites of his pieces, and am always tempted to re-fold them… but usually persevere and manage to fold something of his that I haven’t tried before. Flipping through the new book (published 2016) about his work, a number of pieces appealed to me, but then I saw these delightful and amazingly simple birds, and had to try them.  (Having a few super-simple pieces in my memorized repertoire is a long-standing origami goal of mind – it’s great to be able to quickly walk a beginner through something on the spur of the moment!)

The hardest fold in these is a reverse fold, which, ya, can be challenging for an absolute beginner, but is so important for them to get comfortable with as early as possible so they can move on to other, harder pieces.

I love these!


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