Common Loon, revisted

20161216_223716562_iosAges ago I did an origami display at my local library . I wanted to have some New-England-themed items, noodled around with an existing Duck design by John Montroll to come up with a rendition of a Common Loon, a beautiful bird we’re fortunate to have on the lakes here in central New Hampshire. Since then, the piece I’d folded had been hidden away, safe in a box in a closet somewhere in the house, and “make some notes about it so I could reproduce it if I wanted to” was likewise somewhere in the back of my brain’s semi-infinite To Do list. I came across said box, in said closet, recently, and decided to reverse engineer my changes, and see if I could come up with a reproducible folding sequence for the design – and I did.

This version of the piece is folded from a small scrap of black/white duo Origamido paper I found hiding in the flat file – thin and crisp, perfect for this!

And John has given me his permission to teach this at conventions if I wish, so I look forward to doing this in a class sometime next year. Yay all ’round.


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