If everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame…

…then I guess I have a couple more moments to add to the collection.

The MIT Alumni Association has a fun online magazine/blog called “Slice of MIT” that “… offers a quick taste of Institute life—amazing discoveries, alumni stories, student life, and campus happenings—for alumni and readers interested in MIT.”

They sent someone to cover the OrigaMIT convention last month and she interviewed a number of alums at the event, including me! (She also looked in on part of my “Cat” class to see what the classes were like.) I did my best to explain this whole spend-the-day-folding thing we do every now and then – of course, the word “quirky” ended up getting used in the article, but then, that’s part of the tagline for Slice itself. And, really, spending a day at an origami convention is a little quirky, albeit in the very best of ways.

So I even got a couple of quotes in the article and everything. There are lots of nice pictures of the exhibition, model menu, etc. Definitely worth a look!



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