Yoshizawa’s “Horse” (WOD 2016 #19)

20161111-yoshizawa-horseIt seemed fitting to close with something by Japanese master origami artist Akira Yoshizawa, and I wanted to fold a horse to give to a friend, and I’d never folded this piece before… so here it is.

It is, like basically every Yoshizawa piece ever, one that rewards some practice. I did a couple dry-folded from regular origami paper, and then tried it wet-folded from some lightweight watercolor paper. I’m middling-happy with the result; got some extra marks in the paper when it was a little too wet, and so the body and hindquarters aren’t quite as smooth-looking as I wanted. But, still, I liked the general feeling, and it did remind me of the specific horse of whom it was meant to be a caricature, so that works for me.

yoshizawa_4916096312_origamifulloflifeToru06he piece was published in the magazine Oru, Vol. 6, in 1994 (cover at left), and then in 1996 in Origami Full of Life, ISBN 4916096312, which can sometimes be found used on amazon.jp. The book, though all in Japanese, is well worth searching out, with lots of very interesting pieces. I often wish he’d published more books, and that those he did publish had stayed in print longer… I find lots of people who’ve barely heard of him, let alone folded his work.

This is my 19th and last fold for World Origami Days 2016. What did you fold?





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