Brill’s “Waterbombic Dodecahedron” (WOD 2016 #16)


brill_0870408968_brilliantorigamiI try to choose pieces for WOD that I haven’t folded before, if possible, and to try and spread my choices around among different designers, too. Standing in front of my bookshelves and looking for things to fold this year, I realized I hadn’t folded anything by David Brill in a while, so I pulled down his book, Brilliant Origami (ISBN 0870408968, available used at Amazon) and found this piece.

Dave’s lovely website, also has instructions for some of the pieces, including this one, here.

It’s made from 3 identical units, each made from a piece of A4 paper cut in half the long way. So I guess this is a modular piece, even though it doesn’t go together in a typical modular fashion. Instead, the units are woven through each other much like the rope goes together in a monkey’s fist knot.

270px-rhombicdodecahedronThe vertexes of the piece form a Dodecahedron – specifically, a rhombic dodecahedron, where each of the 12 faces is a rhombus – though in this version, each rhombic face is half solid, half dimpled. The way the dimples are formed is where it got its name – if you look at it another way, the vertexes where four edges meet are like the structure of a waterbomb base.

It’s very cool, fun to fold and fun to construct.

This is my 16th fold for World Origami Days 2016. What are you folding?


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