Sovann’s “Sailing Ship” (WOD 2106 #15)


Sometimes (c’mon, you all know you do it) you buy an origami book because you desperately want to fold a single piece that’s in it. I’m an avid sailor, so when I saw this piece by Gérard Ty Sovann and the book it was from on Nicolas Terry’s website,, that was that. This one did such a nice job of capturing the feel of a boat, including a clever curve to the jib, and overall just got a lot of the shape and details right.

Tmfpp_9782955648902_origamigourmandhe book, published by the French origami society, MFPP (Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier) is Origami Gourmand: “Vous plierez bien un peu de tout?” (I think the title means “Will you fold a little of everything?” although there’s a possibility of a pun or some other contextual meaning that I’m missing.) ISBN: 9782955648902. In addition to this cool ship, there are many interesting pieces in the book, by a variety of designers who we in the U.S. don’t often get to see.

This is my 15th fold for World Origami Days 2016. What are you folding?






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