Esteve’s “Nosy Cat” (WOD 2016 #13)


As long as I’m posting pieces from Spanish designers, for today’s fold I thought I’d use the piece I’m practicing to teach at next weekend’s OrigaMIT convention, “Nosy Cat” by Oriol Esteve. It’s a fun piece, and the head is just brilliant. There aren’t that many really good origami cats, but this one captures that super-alert, hey-what’s-that pose very well! I’m really looking forward to teaching it.

This version was folded from the same paper as the “Acorn” by Beth Johnson that I folded last week –  “Tissue Foil” sold by Nicolas Terry at his website (here’s a direct link to the paper, which comes in various sizes.) I used 30 cm (~12 inch) paper for this one, and the final piece was 8 cm (3~ inches) long. This paper is perhaps a bit thick, at this size, for this piece – the chest area has a lot of layers, and was a bit tricky to manipulate, but otherwise it worked well.

20161106_200910158_iosThis is my 13th fold for World Origami Days 2016. What are you folding?


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