Díaz’s “Cat” (WOD 2016 #7)

20161030_122602000_iOS.jpgSomehow in my WOD planning I missed that yesterday was “National Cat Day” (isn’t every day National Cat Day, to the cats, anyway?). So here’s a really great cat by Román Díaz, done in black (yes, and gold, the piece does show both sides of the paper) to fit in with this week’s general Halloween theme.

The piece is diagrammed in Román’s book “Origami for Interpreters” (2006, published by Nicolas Terry of origami-shop.com fame – you can still buy the book here (Europe) or here (US).

I used a gold/black crumpled foil paper I’d gotten sometime in Japan. The starting rectangle is supposed to have sides of ratio 1:2.45, which for 18cm paper meant a width of 7.3cm. For my first try, this was perhaps a bit small – the details of the face were a little tough, and the texture of this paper means it stretches a bit near edges, which can cause things to get a little rumpled. It’s a wonderfully expressive piece, though – Román clearly “gets” cats!

20161030_121812894_iosThis is my 7th fold for World Origami Days 2016. What are you folding?

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