Beth Johnson’s “Acorn” (WOD 2016 #3)


The most recent issue of OrigamiUSA‘s online publication “The Fold” included an article – NB: it’s an OrigamiUSA-member-only article, access to it is a benefit of membership – titled “How the Spirit of Sharing Supports the Art of Origami.” In it, Beth Johnson describes the creative process for this particular piece, which involved inspiration from a fellow designer, as well as folding/diagramming input from a wide group of origami community volunteers – a truly collaborative experience.

I20161026_020708572_ios love Beth’s work, and this one just screamed “fold me!” so I did. Great for World Origami Days, and for this time of year, when we’ve got acorns everywhere in our yard.

It’s a fun fold, though the main collapse is a bit tricky. This particular paper is interesting, too. It’s sold by Nicolas Terry at his website (here’s a direct link to the paper, which comes in various sizes.) Apparently he imports it from Thailand, and cuts it into squares for sale. It is relatively soft, but crisp, takes creases well (like other foils, it’s not that easy to change a crease once made) and has enough body and foil-ness to make shaping possible. I like that the “metal” side is sparkly rather than glossy, too.

And here’s a nice way to get a hexagon from a square, with minimal extra-lines and such, from spiritofcat on

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