Squirrel (WOD 2016: #1)


Back in 2012 (time does fly…) there was a competition in a Facebook group dedicated to simple origami to come up with a new simple animal. For some reason – I don’t really design origami very often – I was excited to try to design a simple squirrel. This piece is the result.

After I came up with the design, I was down at the Origamido Studio visiting Michael and Richard, and happily showed them my little creation. Michael was kind enough to diagram it for me, and asked if it could be in a book of theirs sometime – of course, I said yes!

And at long last, the book was published this month. A detailed description of the book, including photographs of all the pieces is here at  Origamido; and the Tuttle book page also includes several sample pages which contain the instructions for Michael’s lovely hummingbird.

20161024_173151827_iosThe timing made it seem appropriate for this to be my first entry for World Origami Days 2016: my own simple squirrel design, finally in print! Hurray!


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