{The collective noun for Brontosauri}


Every year, OrigamiUSA does a huge, origami-covered holiday tree at the Museum of Natural History in New York. At the tree-lighting ceremony, guests are given a small gift of an origami piece, usually thematically tied to that year’s tree theme. This year’s gift is a classic, “Brontosaurus” by Samuel Randlett. For they gift they wanted it from six-inch paper, but that does tend to make for some pretty tiny folds in the legs – if you’re psyched to try it yourself, I’d recommend starting with something larger.

Print-form diagrams are available, as well as video instructions, here.

At least one paleontologist thinks there should be a collective noun for sauropods, and it should be a “brontobyte.” (Which is, apparently a computer-y word for 10^27 bytes.) Personally I don’t see why it shouldn’t just be “a thunder of brontosauri.” And let me mention how relieved I am that Brontosaurus has been restored as a proper name for certain sauropods. “Apatosaurus” never did sound as good.

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