Yamaguchi’s Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree by YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Christmas Tree by YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Created by: YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Published in: Origami 2: Paperfolding for Fun


Why: Yamaguchi-san (see his listing at the Origami Database; owner of Gallery Origami House, JOAS Secretary General and Journal Editor-in-Chief, and host-extraordinaire to waves of foreign origami practitioners visiting Japan) is posting info on Facebook, one book at a time, about each of the VERY many titles he’s released over the years. This one was apparently his fifth book, published in 1984.

Seeing the pictures of it go by in my newsfeed, I realized I owned a copy, and so of course had to pull it out and flip through it. I further realized that I had never folded his excellent tree. So here it is! A bit late for Christmas, but it will go in the boxes to come out next year around the holidays. Maybe I’ll make some tiny cranes to decorate it…

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