Ku’s “Supermarine Spitfire”

Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine Spitfire

Created by: Jason Ku

Published in: not yet published

Why: For ages, I had been meaning to get down to Cambridge for the one of weekly MIT Origami club (OrigaMIT) meetings, and managed to do so recently. At the March 2nd meeting, Jason Ku was teaching a new piece, a “Supermarine Spitfire,” (ref: Wikipedia: Spitfire – a famous British fighter from the Second World War era.) It’s one of a number of pieces he is developing for a new book on origami airplanes. (Of the non-flying, accurate-model type.)

As with the pieces in Seth’s upcoming book, these have been designed to be satisfying, detailed pieces that are approachable for beginner and intermediate folders. To keep the folding complexity down to this level, many (including this excellent airplane) are multi-piece.

This one has a nifty color change to get the wing insignia, and does a great job of capturing the powerful feel of this classic fighter. (Yes, I have a soft spot for planes, but with my background, can you blame me? I even got to use one of my favorite airplane words, “[empennage][wikipedia-empannage],” during the class. It’s an old, fancy word for “tail assembly” and just sounds much better. Plus it’s fun to say.)

Photos of the class and some of the pieces folks brought to show are here.

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