Fujimoto’s Cube

Fujimoto Cube - looks deceptively boring; wonderfully efficient, sturdy and satisfying to fold!

Fujimoto Cube – looks deceptively boring; wonderfully efficient, sturdy and satisfying to fold!

Created by: Shuzo Fujimoto

Published in: (lots of places); World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson

Why: The description of this piece in Nick’s book – I really couldn’t think of any better way to say it, myself – says:

Many of the world’s leading origami designers and folders consider this model an absolute classic. It has perfect use of the paper (nothing’s wasted) and the sequence is elegant and satisfying. To the unenlightened, it may be “just a cube,” but it represents far more than that.

Yup. This piece is really cool, and such a pleasure to fold. It also has an absolutely wonderful “fold everything at once” moment which, unlike lots of more complex models that have that sort of step, is really easy to accomplish, and just magic, no matter how many times I do it.

"World's Best Origami" by Nick Robinson

“World’s Best Origami” by Nick Robinson

The book, available at Amazon, is also very interesting (not alone because it contains my elephant, one of the very few pieces I’ve ever designed myself, – sorry, shameless plug!), with a great mix of pieces from many designers, plus tons of fun models in Nick’s own unique style. (And, having been involved in the book production – I was also a proofreader – I can say that it is ENTIRELY NOT THE FAULT OF THE AUTHOR when the publisher comes up with titles like “most awesomest fabulous encyclopedia of all the origami in the entire universe.” So don’t be turned off by the hubris of the title: it’s a nice book, with a lot of great, not-too-complex pieces in it. If you’re looking for the latest hyper-complex insect model, it’s not the right book; but for a bunch of teachable and fun pieces, I recommend it.)

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