LaVin’s “Apple”

LaVin's "Apple"

Created by: Anne LaVin

Published in: unpublished

Why: I was thinking about this year’s OrigamiUSA annual convention in New York City, and pondering t-shirt design ideas, and thought something with an origami apple, as NYC is the “Big Apple,” after all, might be fun. So I started looking around for apple designs (see the previous post for one folded result of my research) but decided nothing really worked as fodder for a t-shirt design.

And then I thought that it wouldn’t be that hard to make an easy apple model, and a surprisingly short amount of noodling around later, I came up with this. Fish-base one side to get a color-changed point for the leaf, fold the corners in and a bit of shaping… and it’s an apple. Hardly seems fitting to call it a “design,” but I did work out repeatable proportions, and I don’t think it’s the same as any other apples I found… so, yay!

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