Bas and Alvarez’s “Conspirador” (“conspirator”)

"Conspirador" (conspirator).  Check out that hat...

“Conspirador” (conspirator). Check out that hat… all from one sheet of paper.

Created by: Luis Bas and Gabriel Alvarez

Published in: El Libro de las Pajaritas

Why: Came across a photo of this piece online (I think it was in the OrigamiDatabase) and had one of those “…must fold this…” moments. Turns out the book, in Spanish, is sometimes available on Amazon for slightly random prices, sometimes reasonable, sometimes completely insane. (As I write this, there’s a copy there for over US$100… not sure about that one.) It’s a small paperback book, 200-ish pages, with 35 models.

This piece is terrific. Very efficient use of the paper, the details (hat, turned-up collar and shoulder-cape on the long coat) are quite wonderfully done… Extremely satisfying, and amusingly menacing.

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