International Winter Origami Exchange

Hull's "Five Intersecting Tetrahedra"

Hull’s “Five Intersecting Tetrahedra” – Folded by Rachel P. for me in the International Winter Origami Exchange

Chris Itoh, of Cal Origami, organized a neat event: an international origami exchange. To join, you just had to agree to contribute at least one folded origami piece, and send it to whoever was randomly picked as your recipient. (Who could be anywhere at all.) Origami’s pretty lightweight and cheap to mail, even internationally, so the cost would surely be pretty reasonable, and I thought it’d be fun to see what someone would choose to send, so I signed up.

I just received my piece today – a very nicely-folded “Five Intersecting Tetrahedra” designed by Tom Hull, and folded by Rachel P. in California, USA. Extremely cool.

Since I don’t know whether my recipient has recieved my piece, yet, I won’t spoil the surprise here. I hope the person enjoys it! I know I enjoyed participating, I hope they do it again. Thanks to the organizers for a great event!

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