“Spring” by “snowblue”

Created by: “Snowblue”

Published in: online photo instructions

Why: I saw a reference to this piece go by on Facebook, and couldn’t help wanting to fold it immediately! On first glance, I thought it was a sprout growing out of a bean seed, but have discovered that it is meant to represent a sprout emerging from the snow in spring. Winter has come full-on here in central New Hampshire, so the image of anything growing is already awfully appealing!

It took a bit of tracking down – hampered by my inability to read Chinese – but I found what appears to be the creator’s own photo step diagrams, here:


He’s also on Flickr, here:


(But I still haven’t gotten the creator’s actual name, just his Flickr nickname. Will update this with an actual attribution if and when I can find out more. Update: I have been told by people who have worked with the creator that he prefers to go by his penname, “Snowblue,” in origami circles, so I’ll leave it at that!)

The intro paragraph of the photo instructions comes out as this via Google Translate:

This works in April 2011 to participate in the British Origami Forum original challenge paste, won the championship, was when the Japanese earthquake triggered a tsunami. In order to commemorate the earthquake in Japan, when the issue entitled “Japan in the spring. I was the voice of this work also represents, I would like to express a vitality, a natural sprout, called: Beiguozhichun, later renamed the hope of Spring.

…which was enough information for me to track down his submission, a response to the Monthly Folding Challenge of April 2011, themed “Spring in Japan” at the Origami Forum:


It is a lovely model, relatively easy except for steps 13/14/15, which took me some fiddling. Can’t wait to fold some more of them!

Another Update: I’ve gotten some questions about the instructions, so I’ve tried to take a few photos of the tricky steps:


Here are almost all the creases you’ll need to do step 13. Mountain creases are solid black; valleys are dotted red. Note the hard-to-see mountain running through the center of the triangle at the left. When you put all these creases in, the piece will no longer be flat – you actually need a few more to get it to go completely flat:



With the piece finally flat again, if you re-open the box-pleated area along the horizontal center line, and then fold the long flat up as shown:


…and then do the same on the other side, you’ll arrive at the official step 15. (That little “white triangle” in step 14 isn’t actually a white triangle, it’s green, with an unfortunate reflection making it look white.)

Hope that helps!


5 responses to ““Spring” by “snowblue”

  1. Hurray! Post a photo somewhere! (It’s been so long since I folded this, I was going to have to re-fold it to see what else I could explain…) Glad to hear someone’s actually reading this. I haven’t had time to keep writing it, unfortunately.

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