“Christmas Present” by Seiji NISHIKAWA

"Christmas Present" by Seiji NISHIKAWA

“Christmas Present” by Seiji NISHIKAWA

This wonderfully cute piece, created back in 2000 by Seiji NISHIKAWA, appeared first in issue 64 of the Origami Tanteidan magazine. (http://origami.gr.jp/Magazine/Index/61-66-e.html) It’s since been republished on the OrigamiUSA website via the “diagram downloads” system (Support an Origami Artist!  Buy your own copy here: http://origamiusa.org/catalog/products/christmas-present-santa-claus-pdf).

There’s a quality to some origami pieces that’s noticeable while you’re in middle of folding it: sometimes I call it “geometric inevitability”, sometimes people call it “elegance”. Whatever it is, exactly, this piece has it. As you fold it, things just line up, parts fit together in pleasing ways… it’s a pleasure to fold it, and you get an excellent holiday gift/ornament, when you’re done!  Can’t wait to make some more of them.

Highly recommended.

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