Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 2: 2002-2009


This appeared in my mailbox the other day – once again, OrigamiHouse has come out with another beautiful book (さすが、ね!), a second volume of complex and super-complex pieces, 16 in all, by renowned Origami artist Satoshi Kamiya.  So far I’ve only had time to look through the book, but the diagrams are as clear as ever, with bilingual instructions, design notes and crease patterns for each piece, in addition to the usual OrigamiHouse style two-tone diagrams.

You can see the full table of contents, and photos of the finished pieces here:

Diagramming anything is a labor of love, and these pieces are complex enough that my mind, anyway, boggles at the work that went into this book.  You can purchase it directly from OrigamiHouse (see link, above, for details) or soon, I imagine, at your favorite seller of origami titles.  (OrigamiUSA “Origami Source”, for instance.)

Book details:

Satoshi Kamiya (author)
Makoto Yamaguchi  (editor), Koichi Tateishi (translator)
232 pages greyscale; 8 color pages; B5 format (18.2cm X 25.7cm)
Bilingual text, Japanese/English

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