“Fold Line” and “Zsebe Joszef” by Jozsef Zsebe

Covers: "Fold Line" and "Zsebe Jozsef"

I was reading an article by Ilan Garibi on the 2012 CDO Convention in Italy in issue 13 of the FOLD and he mentions folding with Jozsef Zsebe, a Hungarian origami designer whose work I’ve admired. (I have a copy of Zsebe’s book coauthored with Akos Horn – “Paper Conceptions” – and have enjoyed folding a couple of things from it, and generally liked the look of the work very much.)

I followed a link to Zsebe’s website and on the “publications” page, found that the Hunagrian Origami Society had published a 20-page booklet of some more of his work. I sent him some email asking if it was still for sale, and he wrote back to say yes, and also a new book of his had been published, as well, with the cover and photos of the work over on his Flickr photostream. (NB: he doesn’t speak a lot of English; if you don’t speak Hungarian, use straightforward language so it’s easy for him to translate.)

The books are nicely printed, with clear, mostly hand-drawn diagrams using standard notation, and have bilingual notes and instructions. As you can probably tell from the photos on the covers, the pieces are full of soft, curved creases, and often don’t have a lot of landmarks. These are pieces that take practice, but are oh-so-expressive when you do get them, clearly. Lots are very well-suited to wet-folding, obviously, as well.

My “fold me!” pile is definitely reaching mammoth proportions, and these books have added substantially to it… I am particularly looking forward to the Pelican on a rock – which, Jozsef assures me, is difficult to get right. Ah, so little time, so much to fold!

Total for both books, plus shipping to the US, ended up being 27 euros (shipping paper across the pond is expensive… ) but absolutely worth it to support an interesting artist and have access to some cool material!

Note: as of this writing, the pair of books, and/or just “Fold Line” singly, are also available at Nicolas Terry’s origami-shop.com.

Table of Contents:

“Zsebe Jozsef”

Chicken, Edible snail, Indian elephant, Polar bear, Koala, Crocodile, European badger, Wild boar, Red winged dragon, Turkey, Goose

“Fold Line”

Little dragon (2010); Pelican (2010); T. rex (2010); Goat (2010); Bull elephant (2011); Dancer (2010); Fox (2012); Pigeon (2010); Hippopotamus (2003); Bear (2011)


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