Fujimoto’s “Crowding Butterflies”

Crowding Butterflies by Fujimoto

Created by: FUJIMOTO Shuzo

Published in:
Happyfolding.com: Crowding Butterflies (video),
BOS Convention 1989 Autumn,
Origami Workshop: Folding Hydrangeas by Shuzo Fujimoto

Why: Ravi Apte posted photo diagrams for this beautiful, abstract model on his website, raviapte.com, so I thought I’d give it a try. (Update, spring 2014: the website appears to be defunct. It has since been published and diagrammed elsewhere, see above.)

This is a fun exploration of what you can do with the whole crossed-box pleat folding thing. Fujimoto-sensei called it ajisai ori or “hydrangea folding” since you can use it to produce forms that look like multi-petalled hydrangea blossoms. Very cool.


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