Bolt’s “3-D Magic Star”

A 3D version of Neale's Magic Star

A 3D version of Neale’s Magic Star

Published in: British Origami Society Magazine No. 54


It’s a 3-D version of the Bob Neale’s Magic Star/Frisbee model modifications by Ray Bolt, and it’s great fun. Each piece slides in and out, changing the shape of the hole in the center; I learned it from Scott Cramer, who learned it from Tommy Stevens, who figured it out from the cover of a Korean origami book on-line someplace. It turns out that it was published in BOS Magazine No. 54 ‘way back in 1975.

I don’t have photos of it opening and closing; see the model in the previous blog post for the flat version of what it does when you slide the bits in and out. Pretty cool, no? It’s spectacular when folded from patterned foil paper, actually. Scott had made a whole bunch and had them on display in the local library.

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