Yamaguchi’s “Penguin”

A sea of Yamaguchi penguins in production

A sea of Yamaguchi penguins in production

Created by: YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Published in: Origami Dictionary (origami jiten) ISBN 4791606485 (in Japanese)

Why: I belong to an amateur press association ‘zine called imagiro, and the members volunteer to make a cover for each issue. One of the other members, Scott Cramer, had come up with an idea to do a wintry-themed cover, even though it was March – both he and I live up in New Hampshire, and it’s been very cold, even for March. He suggested Polar Bears and Penguins, so I folded a whole bunch of the Penguins.

Since they were going to be mounted on a cover, they had to be flat, and stay put, so I used glue to keep the bodies together, hence the binder clip assembly line in the photo.

Yamaguchi Penguin closeup

And, yes, after we’d already made the covers, we remembered that Penguins and Polar Bears are from opposite ends of the planet, so it was silly to have both there at the same time. Heh. It was still a cool cover.


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