LaVin’s “Pegasus”

LaVin Pegasus

From: created for TV commercial for Cingular Wireless

Why: …cue Ethel: “There’s no business like show business…”

Yep, this was my brief brush with show-biz; I designed and folded this Pegasus as artwork for use in a TV commercial. The model was created in just a couple of days, so it’s really very simple – it’s made from three pieces of paper, two of them folded into crane bases, one for the front of the body, and one for the back of the body, and the third piece makes the wings. The end result shares a lot of similarities with a great many models made from two crane bases, due to the inevitable geometries involved.

Above is a Youtube version of the commercial. And two still shots of how the Pegasus got used in the ad:

Pegasus closeup

"hero" shot of Pegasus

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