LaVin’s “Crane Folder”

LaVin "Crane Card Frame"

LaVin “Crane Card Frame”

From: created for the contest (details below), no diagrams

Why: MIT’s Office of the Arts held a juried Student Origami Contest/Exhibition this February, and I (along with other MIT-affiliated Boston-area origamists Jeannine Mosely, Elsa Chen, Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine) were the judges. Aside from being great fun for we judges, the event brought together a number of current students who are very interested in Origami, and they’re resurrecting the MIT Origami Club (OrigaMIT) with Erik as faculty advisor. Yay!

A couple of days before the opening awards meeting and exhibit opening, we realized it would be nice to have something to put the actual award certificates in. I volunteered to try and come up with something, and this was the result.

Crane Frame Closeup

Crane Frame Closeup

I certainly can’t claim credit to the idea of folding a crane attached to something – but I’ve not seen this particular way of putting such a thing together. You basically fold in the top and side, get a preliminary base in the corner, cut some slits to free up some paper, and fold half a crane out of it. Actually easier to do than to describe…

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