Fuse’s “6-Piece Icosahedron”

Fuse 6-Piece Icosahedron

Fuse 6-Piece Icosahedron

Created by: FUSE Tomoko

Published in: Origami Tanteidan Magazine No. 77 by the Japan Academic Origami Society.

Think about it. It’s a 20-sided figure folded from only 6 units! How cool is that?

Sorry for the lurid colors in the example photo – I wanted to pick contrasting colors so it was easy to see the coloring, and these are what was leftover in the pack of paper I had. (I also had a miserable cold when I was working on it, so I’ll blame it on that. Yeah, that’s it, the cold medication made me color blind!)

The units for this modular are very odd, and the assembly process involves more weaving than average for a geometrical modular. The model, once folded, is extremely sturdy, owing to the multiple layers that overlap at any given area, and good slots to tuck all the tabs into.

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